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The E-Micromobility Revolution

Join us in building a future where human-scale transportation is the norm. We're working to make faster, safer, and more social vehicles that make you want to leave the car behind. What's more, we're forging relationships with advocates and policymakers, raising our voice to transform our streets so that everyone is welcome to join us in alternative transportation, whether on foot or on any number of wheels.

City Riding on Vvolt Electric Bikes

With lots of competing information out there, it can be hard to sort out what sort of ebike motor system might best fit your needs. 

Luckily, we are a brand making quality ebikes with both mid-drive and rear hub motors; so we’re well positioned to give you some unvarnished pros and cons of both systems.

We’re excited to announce that Vvolt is now taking reservations for our first batch of electric bikes, currently in production with our partner factory in Taiwan. As of this writing on June 3, we anticipate that our first batch of bikes will be in transit across the Pacific this month.