Enjoying Summer on a Vvolt Alpha Ebike

easy breezy

...that's what it means to be Vvolt. Hassle-free, low maintenance, care-free. From idea to unboxing, we center everything around a single principle: make things easy.

  • "More than enough power to get you where you need quickly while being a blast to ride."

  • "I’ll cut right to the chase with this review: Buy this e-bike."

  • "Ebikes designed to give the family car the day off"

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  • share this bike

    From 4'9" to 6'4", Slice and Pie can be shared among your entire household.

  • see & be seen

    Integrated 360 degree lighting = any time is a good time to hop on.

  • the fun portal

    adds a secure spot for common oversized objects. Secure your skateboard. Protect your pizza.

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so nice, we inspect it twice

a human inspects every single ebike before it ships.

We're serious about making things super easy. That's why we inspect each ebike twice. Once at the factory, plus an in-depth pre-delivery inspection once you order. We test, align, and proactively ensure the best possible experience.

ask us anything

"this company is 100% customer focused"

From idea to unboxing, we put your ease of use and peace of mind first. Find out for yourself: get in touch. Whatever questions you might have, no matter what they are, we're happy to help you out. (And, yes, that's an actual customer quote.)

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The E-Micromobility Revolution

the future is human-scale.

We're working to make faster, safer, and more social vehicles that make you want to leave the car behind.

What's more, we're forging relationships with advocates and policymakers, raising our voice to transform our streets so that everyone is welcome to join us in alternative transportation, whether on foot or on any number of wheels.

Our Mission

boost your commute.

Faster than feet, more fun than transit, cheaper than driving. Vvolt ebikes wrap advanced technology in a friendly package – so you can focus on getting where you need to go while enjoying the ride.

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