Warp Core Upgrade


Note! All Centauri, Sirius and Centauri S bikes purchased from Vvolt now include the Warp Core Upgrade free of charge. Only order this as an add-on to a bike purchased from another retailer or from us prior to Spring 2023.

Need to get there faster? Upgrade your Proxima, Centauri or Sirius to a class 3 ebike with the Warp Core Upgrade. The new display unit increases the maximum assist speed to 26mph! The Warp Core Upgrade also features 5 levels of assistance for more control over the level of boost. You’ll still have the smooth assist afforded by the torque sensor - you’ll just get access to more speed!

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  • Sirius
  • Centauri
  • Centauri S


  • The handlebar computer displays current speed, assist level, battery charge level, odometer, trip distance, and estimated range
  • Bright, backlit LCD screen with a USB charging port and simple controls
  • Five assist levels plus a walk mode to get you to where you’re going
  • The Warp Core upgrade does not change the maximum level of assistance, you get up to 350% of your power with either the stock controller or the Warp Core Upgrade
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