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*Note! All Centauri, Sirius and Centauri S bikes purchased from Vvvolt now include the Warp Core Upgrade free of charge. Only order this as an add-on to a bike purchased from another retailer or from us prior to Spring 2023*

Need to get there faster? Upgrade your Proxima, Centauri or Sirius to a class 3 ebike with the Warp Core Upgrade. The new display unit increases the maximum assist speed to 26mph! The Warp Core Upgrade also features 5 levels of assistance for more control over the level of boost. You’ll still have the smooth assist afforded by the torque sensor - you’ll just get access to more speed!


Get Informed

The handlebar computer displays current speed, assist level, battery charge level, odometer, trip distance, and estimated range

Easy to Use

Bright, backlit LCD screen with a USB charging port and simple controls

Power Up

Five assist levels plus a walk mode to get you to where you’re going


The Warp Core upgrade does not change the maximum level of assistance, you get up to 350% of your power with either the stock controller or the Warp Core Upgrade

Compatible With

  • Sirius
  • Centauri
  • Centauri S

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