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Hello, we are Vvolt.

We are a team of clever creatives, sharp marketers, and savvy designers working together to re-shape the landscape of e-mobility and personal transportation.

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About Us

We're a small team passionate about making daily transportation better for everyone. We’re from the east coast, Europe, the west coast, and Asia, but we all share the vision of a future where electric micromobility is the most common form of transportation for short trips.

Most of us live in Portland, Oregon where Vvolt is headquartered. Our city is known for continued investment in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, having earned Gold and Platinum awards for cycling-friendliness from the League of American Bicyclists. We continue to have above-average rates of bicycle and ebike commuting along with multimodal mass transit, so we’ve seen for ourselves that better, lower-carbon transportation solutions are possible!

We make small EVs that are easier to ride, easier to maintain, and more affordable. We’re developing ebikes and other EVs to make electric mobility work for more bodies and levels of ability. E-Mobility could be for everyone. We think it should be for everyone. The more people that have access to riding and find it appealing, the bigger difference we can make in reviving and improving our communities and planet!

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