About Us

We see a future...

where our urban spaces are filled by people and compact electric vehicles. Here at Vvolt, it's our mission to transform urban mobility by introducing innovative electric micromobility vehicles that are accessible, enjoyable, and sustainable for everyone.

We work to create a world where the streets are filled with eco-friendly electric vehicles like ebikes, scooters, and more. Reducing the per-person footprint and paving the way for more communal and interactive urban environments.

Vvolt is not just a transportation company; it's a movement toward redefining personal urban mobility. We are driven by the philosophy of "EVs for Everyone," underlining our commitment to make electric-assisted mobility a universal choice. Our products are designed to be intuitive, easy to control, maintain, and enjoy, regardless of one's ability level. We aim to lower the barriers to e-mobility, enabling anyone seeking an alternative to autos to make an effortless and satisfying transition.

Pioneers of the micro-mobility movement.

The Vision

Our vision extends beyond just selling electric vehicles; it's about crafting a more sustainable and connected society. We believe that by increasing the use of small EVs, we can foster more face-to-face interactions, enhance safety with generally lower speeds and lighter vehicle weights, and promote a more active lifestyle through pedal-assist ebikes. This shift will not only alleviate traffic congestion but also free up enormous land areas currently consumed by parking, which can be repurposed for community-enhancing projects.

Vvolt is more than just beautiful, affordable and enjoyable products. We offer a vision of a better, more sustainable, and more human-centered urban future. Join us in this journey toward a new era of personal transportation that is kinder to our planet and enriches our communities.

So much more.