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What makes Vvolt different?

What makes Vvolt different?

What makes Vvolt different?

Our ebikes are designed and thoughtfully crafted by a group of individuals who prefer life on two wheels. Collectively, we’ve been riding for decades, and that deep experience guides us in creating great transportation-centered ebikes. After all, an ebike is still a bike at heart. We keep this ethos with us every step of the way.

Our Guiding Principles:

We know micromobility is poised to explode over the next decade(s) and to help get more bikes on the road we design ours to accommodate many different variables, such as rider experience, ownership challenges, and simply making it fun to ride!


Our ebikes are designed to be accessible in a multitude of ways. From accommodating different experience levels to fitting various body types, we take all considerations into account.

  1. Industry Standard Components 

    • No walled gardens or custom overly-integrated parts here. Bike shops rejoice! Our ebikes are made with widely available parts so if the fit isn’t quite right it’s quite easy to swap out components like seats, bars, stems and tires to create your own customized expereince.
  2. Sizing & Bike Fit

    • Unlike some other ebike companies, many of our models have 3 frame sizes to allow for the perfect fit. For riders going long distances, this can make a crucial difference in comfort.. On the flip side of this coin, we designed our Utility bikes like Slice Lite to fit everyone in the household. This solution is still best for folks riding short distances, but it’s a great solution for lots of situations. It’s tough to make a bike that rides well for short and tall folks alike but we did it! We also stock alternative components to help individuals who have atypical bike fit requirements; call us to chat if you need accomodation!
  3. Experience Level

    • We are avid riders here at Vvolt but we understand it takes time to feel comfortable on the bike and road. This is why we simplify the riding experiences as much as we can to help riders quickly feel comfortable and confident. Our ebikes are just plain fun to ride, something a rider of any skill can truly appreciate.


To make a great electric bike, we have to start with a great bike. In a market that sometimes puts too much emphasis on battery size, price point, or motor power, we take a balanced approach to create the optimal transportation-oriented ebike.

  1. Bike Geometry

    • This is where it all starts. Good thing we are bike nerds– because this gets technical fast. In short: the angles and lengths of the parts that make up the frame have magical forces on rideability, balance, safety– and even fatigue. Poor geometry equals a poor ride, and life is too short for poor anything.
  2. Safety 

    • Having a comfortable ride that fits you induces confidence and will help you feel safe on the road. Additional safety features such as beefy tires with reflective side walls, integrated lights, reflective decal accents, ergonomic bike touchpoints, simple controls, large screens, and powerful brakes help keep you confident in your trusted steed.
  3. Lightweight 

    • The lighter the ebike, the better the ride. We didn’t make the rules but we try to abide by them. We choose a component mix that helps keep weight down and rideability high. From using belt drives instead of chains, and lightweight batteries/ motors that provide ample performance, this helps keep the weight low.

As you can tell, a lot goes into the design of our ebikes. We even have the forethought to use low-to-no maintenance components to help keep the cost of Vvolt ownership low. No grease, grime, or gripe. We stand by our ebikes. From our 3-year warranty to our best-in-class customer service, we are here to get you on a Vvolt and out on the road.

Go Viavolt and get there stress-free.

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