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We are excited to announce the release of our next generation line of ebikes! With upgraded components and an updated look, our next-gen ebikes take urban riding to the next level.

Improved handlebars that just makes sense.

Throttle at your thumb

instantly get up to speed from a stop with our new throttle system.

Improved on-board computer

Easily check your riding stats with the upgraded HMI.

Integrated front and rear lights.

High-quality components, carefully selected.

Easy is still in.

Alpha II

Simple, beautiful and easy to love, we designed Alpha II for anyone seeking ebike enjoyment without excessive complexity.

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Centauri II

The perfect balance of comfort and speed, we make everything “just right” on the Centauri 2. Comfy and sporty in equal measure, powerful but still lightweight. Responsive handling that’s still wonderfully predictable.

Available this Summer