Mission & Community

We believe more people using electric-assisted mobility technology will make a better world.

e-Mobility success stories have popped up all around us in the past decade.

People are already using e-mobility technology to live better, healthier lives while reducing their impact on our environment. We’ve been inspired by the stories of our friends, clients, coworkers and families.

However, from our viewpoint with decades of experience in the cycling, apparel and consumer goods spaces, we know we can do more. We want to connect everyone with the chance to live their own success story, changing how they move through their lives with the power of electric technology.

The stories from inside our own circles and others from around the world inspired us to create Vvolt. We’re here to make e-mobility easier, better and more accessible to everyone.

We want our community spaces to be filled with people, not cars.

We’re starting with electric-assist bikes because we have deep roots in the cycling industry, but we’re working on other solutions too.

Designing for the future we want to see

Sawyer doing his thang

Design is everything to us. From well considered design flows beauty, user-friendliness and accessibility.

So we’ve built design into the foundation of Vvolt. Just as with the foundation of a house, our first designs are solidly built with existing technologies. This allows us to experiment and innovate as we work to build our next-generation EVs. We’re doing it this way to build a stable company – because it’s just as important for us to offer future support for riders who join us now as it is for us to build amazing EVs in the future.

We continue to improve our ebike lineup while working on next-generation e-mobility projects like our "Beluga" sport-utility trike.

It’s also important for us to explore other EVs. While ebikes and trikes are great, we also want other solutions so everyone can experience better personal mobility and leave their auto behind.

We’re exploring concepts from electric scooters to mobility chairs, powered luggage to other vehicles with 2, 3, 4 (or more?) wheels.

It’s our intent to challenge the norm with our concepts and production EVs, bringing quality design in radically accessible vehicles to a wider range of people.

We’ve arrived at a turning point, and people in our cities and suburbs are ready for better transportation solutions. We’re here now with ebikes sporting best-in-class technologies, and we’ll be here in the future with more options in electric bicycles and other EVs, always made to be easy to use, safe, efficient and fun.

We’re here to build communities of riders

Dan the fixer upper

We’re imagining a future where more people ride more often, reducing the number of cars on the street in favor of a mix of electric and human-powered mobility vehicles. This human-scaled future is one where we move efficiently from door-to-door, with less time spent in parking lots, traffic jams and changing our streets and shared spaces from being dominated by cars to places where more riders create safety in numbers for one another.

Our founding team is an international bunch that came together in Portland, Oregon.

Our experiences living and working across the US, UK, and China allow us to visualize new ways to help move people through different sorts of communities.

We’re here for everyone, making ebikes, and eventually other vehicles, that are easy to ride and easy to own.

It’s our purpose to get more people out of cars and into riding e-mobility. It’s a friendlier way to travel, and with the ability to sidestep auto traffic, often the fastest way to get door-to-door.

We’re also here to promote safer infrastructure in our cities, towns and beyond.

It’s our goal to bring together our public agencies, advocates, media and other brands to make it easier for people to integrate electric mobility vehicles - bikes and beyond - into their lives.

University of Oregon ebike design studio

Who better to help write the story of our future than those who will be living it?

Our future is about connecting people and places using technology, so we’re investing in the people who will help design the products of the future.

Vvolt has sponsored the ebike Design Studio class at the University of Oregon. Part of the department of Product Design, students in our class experienced the opportunity to work with our design team on a semester-long exploration of the future of electric vehicles. We are granted inspiration from their design work and unconstrained creativity, and in return provide immediate feedback from our design, product and marketing teams.

Legislative engagement

The world we live in is not accidental. The screen you’re reading this on, the roads you use, the quality of your “alternative” transportation options all result from governmental support (*or lack of it.)

We’re keenly aware that it’s our responsibility as individuals and a business to use our voices and votes to support people and policies who stand to support our goals.

Better bike lanes, financial support for EV buyers, access to recreational trails – we see it as our job to make sure these assets are available for everyone. We engage with and support local and regional nonprofits who are often on the front lines of pushing our communities to do better when it comes to transportation equity. 

We’re also engaging directly with our representatives at national, state and local levels to ensure that we all have expanded opportunities for compact EV use in the future.