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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping?

Shipping is included in the cost of your bike if you live within the continental US! Resisdents of Hawaii and Alaska, contact us for a shipping rate estimate.

Do your ebikes have a weight limit?

Our frameset weight limit is 440lbs but we recommend that riders over 300lbs consult with us regarding recommended modifications to ensure durability of wheels and other components. Heavier riders will likely experience less battery range since the motor will need to use more energy to assist the ebike. That's okay! We offer a variety of solutions to ensure you have a great experience on our ebikes.

Where can I test ride a Vvolt?

Contact us if you’re around Portland Oregon, we have most models available for test ride on an appointment-only basis. Appointments are currently available Monday-Thursday from 10am-4pm, and Fridays from 10am-2pm.

Book a test ride!

What happens if something goes wrong with my VVolt?

What happens if something goes wrong with my ebike?

We’ll have your back! Firstly, we offer an industry-leading 3-year warranty on our eBikes. Secondly, we stock warranty and replacement parts at our US facility so we can take care of any issues and get you rolling ASAP. Lastly, we've developed a network of recommended local service centers where ebike technicians can help ViaVolt and you to sort things out when it comes to replacing a warranty or crash-damaged part. If you need it, we’re here to help so get in touch!

Are VVolt eBikes Protected by a Warranty?

VVolt electric bicycles include an industry leading 3-year warranty against manufacturer’s defect with no mileage limitations. Yeah! We want you to be happy on your ebike no matter what you may encounter.

This covers potential issues you may have with your bike, including problems with the battery, motor, transmission, belt, wheels, brakes and other components.

We are serious about ensuring your bike is functionally sound. Got a problem? Reach out to us through our warranty form.

Is there a phone app for Vvolts?

Sort of. Stellar series ebikes with Xplova displays are compatible with the Xplova-developed ebike assistant mobile app for iOS and Android. It does some things very well, like showing your exact battery % charge, offering torque sensor tuning for MPF motors, using your phone screen as a larger display and enabling some basic system diagnostics/troubleshooting.
Other functions like navigation and ride logging are not fully functional, and we've heard from Android phone users that it can be a bit buggy. The iOS version runs well.
We're working on an improved app for deployment later in 2023, but for now, you can find the Xplova assistant here:
Apple App Store
Google Play Store

What is an Electric Bike?

Electric Bicycles are just like traditional pedal bikes except that pressing the pedals activates an electric motor that provides assistance. This augments your human power, lowering the physical effort needed to ride.

Some electric bikes also have throttles, allowing you to ride without pedaling. This is useful in some situations but drains the battery much more rapidly than when you're also providing some power to the pedals.

Any electric bike can help you ride up hills, make it easier to ride further, or assist in getting around town a little quicker and arrive less sweaty than a typical pedal bike.

Electric bikes are also fun!

Can I put cool accessories on my ebike? What if I want to change some of the components as well?

Racks, fenders, and mirrors, oh my! We configure our ebikes with standardized component sizes and mounting locations so you can customize your ride as you see fit.

All of our ebikes can accommodate front and rear racks, fenders, different tires, handlebars, grips, stems, seat posts, saddles – you name it!

If you have a particular part you’re interested in fitting on your VVolt ebike, please reach out to us! We’re interested in helping you feel good on your bike and will do what we can to ensure your comfort, safety, and satisfaction.

How do your single speed bikes do on hills?

It depends on how steep the hill is! While very steep hills (>8%) can be a challenge, the gearing we've selected paired with our powerful 350w motor make most hills disappear!

What's so special about VVolt?

We firmly believe in the saying “the people make the place”. Vvolt staff members care deeply about offering quality micro-mobility products and stand behind them with excellent customer service and support.

Our bikes are simple, clean, and approachable. Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and also approachable! Reach out to us, let’s chat about micro-mobility and how we can help you get from point A to Z, and anywhere in between.

I've heard ebikes can be really heavy. How heavy are your ebikes?

We've constructed our frames out of lightweight aluminum in an effort to keep weight to a minimum.

Our hub motor bikes weigh in at 45lbs, while our mid motor bikes are 54lbs.

They feel solid on the road without being overwhelmingly heavy!

I've heard about ebike battery fires. How do I know your batteries are safe?

We’re here to create reliable, transportation-centered ebikes. As such, we take great care to source our batteries and chargers from reliable sources. Our Taiwanese battery partner has been in business for more than 25 years, and our battery packs are built using LG cells. Certified to UN 38.3 standards, our batteries have passed overcharge, discharge, crush, vibration and thermal tests.

Battery packs have onboard management systems (BMS) incorporating temperature sensors and voltage sensors, with firmware triggering battery shutdown in the event of abnormal readings. 

Our battery chargers are UL listed, and we use a design which shuts off after “full charge” is achieved. This important safety feature means the charger does not “float charge” or continue to deliver power to the battery when it’s left on the charger. 

It’s important for us to work with suppliers who share our values– our battery partner has implemented sustainability programs surrounding conflict-free mineral sourcing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in their own supply chains.

Do you offer spare or higher capacity batteries?

We offer both spare 375wh (10.4ah) and larger, 500wh (14ah) batteries for our mid-motor bikes!

Find them with the rest of our accessories

What are ebike class designations and what are your ebikes?

In the USA There are currently 3 class designations for eBikes: Class I, Class II, and Class III.​In most states, ebikes are regulated according to this 3-class system.

  • Class I ebikes provide motor assistance up to 20 mph while the rider is pedaling. This is referred to as pedal assist, sometimes abbreviated as PAS.
  • Class II eBikes similarly provide motor assistance up to 20mph but also are equipped with a throttle. Riders can choose to use either the pedal assist or the throttle.
  • Class III ebikes provide pedal assistance up to 28 mph. Some Class III eBikes are also equipped with a throttle, but the throttle use will only assist the rider up to 20mph.

Our hub motor bikes (Alpha and Alpha S) are both Class I, whereas our mid-drive bikes (Centauri, Proxima, Sirius) can be equipped with either a Class I or Class III controller.

It’s important to understand the rules and regulations in your state or municipality to ensure you’re operating the bike in a safe, legal manner. See this guide from People for Bikes for more detailhttps://www.peopleforbikes.org/electric-bikes/policies-and-laws

Do you ship internationally?

Not at this time, though we do plan on opening up international shipping as time and resources allow.

Canadian customers: send us an email to inquire about shipping options at support@vvolt.com

Do your ebikes have throttles?

No, none of our first-generation bikes are equipped with a throttle. We decided to forego using throttles on our bikes due to range concerns: our 35wh/10.4 amp hour batteries work great for assisting pedaling effort though do not have enough capacity to support throttle use. 

We plan on offering a throttle on future models with larger batteries and different riding use cases (cargo & utility bikes). 

What's the difference between hub motor and mid motor bikes?

The primary difference between the two motor systems is how and when each motor system provides assistance.

Our hub motor bikes (Alpha and Alpha S) use a wired bottom bracket with a cadence sensor. When you begin pedaling, the controller senses the pedals rotating and provides assistance based on the level selected by your handlebar display. This system is simple, tried, and true, though it can sometimes feel a little like you're being pushed from behind.

Our mid-drive bikes (Centauri, Proxima, Sirius) also use a torque sensor to engage the motor. This system is a bit more complex: both torque and cadence sensors work to measure your input and provide natural-feeling assistance. The harder you pedal, the more assistance will be provided by the motor! Our mid-drive motors have twice the torque and a higher wattage than our hub motor bikes.

Hub motors are great for riders on a budget or those looking to ride with less strenuous effort. Mid-drive motors are great for riders looking for a natural pedal feel that more closely matches an acoustic (non-e)bike.

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