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The Beluga Concept

The Future

Just one of the concepts we have on the drawing board.

Beluga Back Profile

The Beluga Concept

"The Beluga" is a compact utility vehicle built to provide a functional replacement for autos. The Beluga brings massive utility and cargo capacity to a bike-lane friendly design.

The Beluga design was originated by Sam Goovaerts, Robert King and Tyler Wilkinson as part of the inaugural University of Oregon Ebike Design Studio course. Vvolt sponsors this course, and our design team works closely with students as they research and iterate their concepts through the duration of the course. The Beluga was awarded top prize by the entire Vvolt staff in the winter ‘21 course.

Beluga Side Profile

Key Features

  • Trike format enhances both stability and maneuverability
  • Central spine provides structure and battery storage
  • Powerful mid-drive motor provides easy pedal-assist riding experience
  • 1-2 passengers can ride on the back rack
  • Insulated front cargo area carries tons of stuff and can be adapted for passenger use
  • Cargo deck opens up and out to the sides for easy loading that can also be used as a table/desk when parked