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We have had the honor of having some of the biggest names in the electric bicycle industry give their honest review on our ebikes. We have compiled a few of those that we are most proud of.

Vvolt Press:

Electric Bike Report reviews the Proxima ebike- "thoughtfully outfitted for commuting but versatile enough to do just about anything...the Proxima may be in a league of its own"

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The Next Web reviews the Sirius ebike- " riding on a cloud"

Vvolt Sirius ebike review

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Ebike Escape: "It's exciting to see a Vvolt"

Ebike Escape Vvolt ebike overview

Watch the brand intro/interview on YouTube.


Bikexchange: names the Alpha one of the "Best Ebikes Under $1500" 

Bikexchange names Vvolt Alpha a Best ebike under $1500

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Man Makes Fire Reviews the Sirius: "...super smooth, intuitive, and just delightful to ride."

man riding Vvolt Sirius electric bike 

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Bike Rumor: Showcases our brand, highlighting overall value and packaging

Bike Rumor showcases Vvolt ebikes

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Reviews from Vvolt riders:

"I've managed to replace 90% of my car trips. I'm super, super happy with the purchase," – Chris / Alpha S

"After riding my Alpha S for a few weeks, I can write that it has absolutely changed my rides. I don't think about shifting or climbing anymore as I did with my regular commuter bike. Instead, I take different routes to get more scenery and avoid hazards. I don't worry about maintenance the same way as before either." – Evan / Alpha S

"The Alpha is perfect. From the first ride I have been impressed with the ease of the ride. I get a big smile cruising uphill from the waterfront to my house feeling like someone is giving me a little push. The Alpha's braking, belt drive, and hub drive add to the feel of stability, and smooth ride so it is the go to for my errands." – Chris A. / Alpha

"I really like the [Proxima] bike and the design.  Was looking at the Serial 1 until we walked through Moosejaw." – Jeff / Proxima


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