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Avoid the dangers of unapproved ebike batteries!

Avoid the dangers of unapproved ebike batteries!

Greetings Vvolt riders, 

We want to draw your attention to an important aspect of maintaining the safety and longevity of your Vvolt ebike – the use of genuine Vvolt batteries.

Our ebikes are designed with precision and care, featuring specialized components to ensure a smooth and worry-free ride experience. Our batteries contain a Battery Management Software (BMS) specifically programmed to work seamlessly with our motor controllers, along with onboard voltage and temperature sensors that keep the battery operating within safe parameters. Though our battery pack configuration is unique, we use a commonly available downtube and battery case shape. We decided against a proprietary case to de-stress our supply chain and ensure long-term availability of replacement batteries. It’s important for you to recognize that just because a battery pack comes in a similar case doesn’t mean it’s compatible. In fact, using a battery sourced from a random supplier will probably damage your controller, leading AT BEST to system failure and AT WORST to dangerous situations like electrical arcing and overheating.

We’ve learned some riders may consider using third-party batteries, often purchased through storefronts on websites like AliExpress. DO NOT DO THIS! Using batteries not sold by Vvolt will render your ebike unusable, and void your warranty. 

  • Appendix A shows examples of stores on AliExpress that are selling the same form factor battery – even one brand fraudulently using an image of our bike to sell their battery! 
  • We understand the appeal of exploring alternatives, especially since we’re currently out of stock of replacement and larger-capacity batteries, but the risks associated with third-party batteries are significant. It's essential to prioritize the safety of both yourself and your ebike. 

    • Appendix B displays photos showing the difference in BMS chips in a third-party and Vvolt battery. Note the ‘on/off’ button of the third-party battery is just a single lead to illuminate a blue LED, whereas the genuine Vvolt battery has a true on/off switch to de-energize the battery when needed, along with sensor leads and a more sophisticated circuit board.

    For those eagerly awaiting a restock of batteries, we are excited to share that we are currently sourcing upgraded UL2771-certified batteries, ensuring adherence to stringent safety standards and potential battery legislation affecting millions of ebike enthusiasts. Additionally, we are actively working on a backward-compatible solution for our first-generation Stellar Series bikes so the new UL-certified batteries will function well. 

    Again, do not use third-party batteries in your Vvolt ebike. Our primary concern is your safety and the longevity of your riding experience. Stick with genuine Vvolt batteries for a worry-free journey!

    The Vvolt Team

    Appendix A

    Examples of storefronts on AliExpress selling batteries with the same form factor (case), but different cells and questionable software:

    Appendix B

    Examples of a third-party battery compared to a genuine Vvolt battery:

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