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free employee ebikes for Bike Month

free employee ebikes for Bike Month

At Vvolt we share our offices (and company leadership) with Showers Pass, a cycling-focused outdoor apparel brand. Many of us already ride to work, but we wanted to maximize our rates of bike commuting. We know that there’s nothing better than an electric bike to encourage folks to ride more and drive less, so we decided to give everyone on staff a free Vvolt. We knew we couldn’t just offer this amazing perk to folks on the Vvolt team, so we opened up the program to everyone who works for both brands. We’re excited to share this news on national Bike to Work Day!

Showers Pass employee with Vvolt ebike

Prioritizing Sustainability:

By equipping our employees with electric bikes, we are taking an active stand against carbon emissions, traffic congestion, and air pollution. With each pedal stroke, Vvolt and Showers Pass employees are becoming emissaries of change, helping create a greener and cleaner future for our planet.

Healthy co-workers are happy co-workers (and vice-versa):

By reducing daily commute hassles, we empower our employees to strike a harmonious balance between work and life, fostering a happier and more fulfilled workforce.

Ebike commuting is a great way to incorporate some light physical exercise to start the day and decompress after work. Ebike riding is a low-impact exercise that promotes cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles, and improves overall fitness. Moreover, cycling has been proven to boost mental well-being, reduce stress levels, and increase productivity. For us, this is an investment in our collective health and wellbeing.

Fostering Feedback:

We love getting feedback. Whether from existing customers, prospective riders, or folks who meet us at demo events: it’s all valuable. Giving Vvolt ebikes to everyone on our team gives us even more opportunities to solicit feedback on every aspect of the ride experience…so that we can work to make it even better in the future!

You can do it too!

We witness the transformational power of electric bikes all the time. Not a week goes by that we don’t hear from riders who’ve had their lives enhanced by riding more and driving less. From a greener planet to healthier employees and a more united workforce, the positive impact of this initiative resonates on multiple levels. We’re embracing a sustainable future and nurturing a workplace culture that prioritizes well-being, collaboration, and growth. 

The best part of this free ebike program is that it’s within reach of many employers. It’s a relatively inexpensive perk when the costs are weighed against the many benefits. If you’re in a leadership role at your organization we encourage you to learn more about how you can provide ebike transportation benefits.

Get in touch with us for fleet pricing:

Learn about corporate bike share and bike purchase programs (mention you heard about them through Vvolt!)

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