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Utility Series

Utility Series

Ready to join the revolution of eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation? Meet our new Utility Series of electric bikes, built so you can Bring Your Sh!t wherever want to go by bike.

It's our mission to make ebikes for everyone, and we’re taking it to the next level with this city-centric series built to fit more stuff, more passengers, and more rider heights than ever before. Our Utility ebikes are designed from the ground up for anyone who is ready to ride more and drive less...and with most trips in the US being less than 3 miles, Utility Series ebikes make perfect sense!

The Utility Series is designed with daily transportation in mind, with the added benefits of being less expensive and more fun for riders and their families. Just like a car, these ebikes fit every rider in the household, carry cargo and passengers with ease, and require very little maintenance. We researched cargo-carry preferences, tested rider fit on numerous frame designs, and obsessed over component details to deliver maximum value to riders.

The Utility series includes three models: Slice Lite, PIE, and Slice DLX.

Slice Lite is the most approachable and fun form of daily transportation with a super-simple single speed drive system powered by a 350w rear hub motor.

Vvolt PIE electric cargo longtail bike

PIE is a cargo powerhouse with 100 nm of mid-drive torque on tap and the ability to carry up to 440 lbs of total load.

Vvolt Slice DLX electric utility bike

Slice DLX is personal urban transportation optimized with premium features and finishes – the same mid-drive motor as PIE in the slimmed down body of Slice Lite.

But that's not all - the Utility ecosystem also includes the Vvolt Rider app and a front Cargo Module with adjustable load bar.

Vvolt Rider app - smart connected bike system for theft deterrence

The Vvolt Rider app offers safety and security with onboard alarms and vehicle trackers connected via GPS and 4G LTE networks. Vvolt Rider and our GPS smart system will debut with PIE and Slice DLX, then be available as an add-on for Slice Lite riders.

Vvolt cargo module carries your stuff

The Front Cargo Module is designed to carry everyday items with expandable and adjustable options, making it the perfect addition to your daily commute. Groceries on the way home from work? Check. A couple pickleball paddles, shoes, and a gym bag? You got it! A large pizza box? Well, yeah!

So what are you waiting for? Join the Vvolt Utility fam and experience the future of transportation today. Preorders for Slice Lite and reservations for PIE are open now. Slice Lite deliveries begin in August and PIE will ship in late '23. ...and don't forget to join the waitlist for Slice DLX to get all the latest updates and news as we finalize development.

Choose your Utility Series model:

Slice Lite | PIE | Slice DLX

or visit our Utility Series Page to check the launch video and dive deeper into the details!

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