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We took a page from the book of mountain bike origins when we designed the Sirius. It’s easy to handle on all kinds of roads, and the suspension fork adds just enough cushion to tame big potholes on the pavement as well as rutted gravel and occasional singletrack use.
Compared to the Sirius, Centauri works better with commuter accessories, has a little more upright riding position, and more neutral handling. There's also the Centauri S, our stepthrough frame version that fits riders from 4'9" to 6'4".
Read on to find out if the specifics of the Centauri are right for you.

Read the service bulletin we issued to mid-drive ebike customers in July 2022. 

We're posting this copy of the bulletin in case any riders who purchased a Proxima or Sirius BEFORE 7/1/2022 did not receive their mailed copy or other communications from us or their Vvolt dealer. 

All Proxima, Sirius or Centauri bikes purchased after 7/1/2022 are NOT affected by this service bulletin.

All of our models come out of the box as Class 1 Electric Bikes, with pedal assistance up to 20mph. This is the least restricted category in most states and localities, and Class 1 ebike riders are welcome to use bike lanes, multi-use paths and even certain off-road trails in most areas. 

Not only that, they’re still pretty darn fast! As an example - if a rider was riding at max assist speed (or even slightly faster) on level ground, they could make a 5-mile trip in only 15 minutes. 

Before we even finalized the designs for our first ebikes, we were planning our packaging. We’re committed to making everything about ebike ownership easier. So when it comes to unboxing we knew there was a better way than the “some assembly required” method that dumps a pile of parts and a few wrenches at your feet, asking that you become a bike mechanic prior to your first ride. 

Whether you're new to e-bikes or not, we've compiled an important list of criteria for evaluating what options will work for you. Consider this your crash-course on the things you need to know when considering an e-bike.

With lots of competing information out there, it can be hard to sort out what sort of ebike motor system might best fit your needs. 

Luckily, we are a brand making quality ebikes with both mid-drive and rear hub motors; so we’re well positioned to give you some unvarnished pros and cons of both systems.