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ebikes for everyone

Vvolt is designed for both new and experienced riders, equally fun and easy for all.

Alpha S


Simple, Powerful, Affordable



Our Most Versatile Model

Join the ebike revolution.

Join us in building a future where human-scale transportation is the norm. We're working to make faster, safer, and more social vehicles that make you want to leave the car behind.



Simple & Easy for Every Day



Tackle the Terrain

Vvolt is different.

Really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

  1. "Is this really an e-bike?" design
  2. Lighter than you'd expect
  3. Ready to impress, right out of the box

Care Ownership

  1. Low to no maintenance parts
  2. 3 year warranty
  3. Helpful service wherever you purchase

Premium e-bike with an un-premium price

  1. Starting at $1399
  2. Payment plans available
  3. Qualifies for tax credits*