Pickles x Vvolt

Portland Pickles Team Up with Vvolt to Mix Baseball and Bicycles for Players, Staff, and Fans!

Hold onto your helmets, folks! We've joined forces with The Portland Pickles in a partnership that'll make you want to cheer while you pedal. Portlanders have always been on the ball when it comes to sustainable transportation, and now the Pickles and Vvolt are taking it up a notch. This partnership is like a double play of awesome, combining the excitement of baseball with the pedal-powered magic of cycling.

Dillon Goes Electric:

Of course this matchup features beloved mascot Dillon T. Pickle, now atop his new favorite ride, a Vvolt electric bike! Dillon will be leading fan activities atop his Vvolt all season long, and fans can sign up to win a bike just like his at the end of the season.

Dillon T Pickle with Vvolt electric bike

Team ebike Library:

The Pickles are giving their players and staff access to a 7-bike ebike library, courtesy of Vvolt. Talk about a home run! This means that Pickles folks without cars can check out a free ebike to zip around town in style without breaking a sweat or polluting the air. It's a grand slam for convenience and a grand gesture for our lovely planet. Let's talk about these ebikes, shall we? We know a thing or two about simple and approachable two-wheeled machines. These babies are packed with cutting-edge technology to keep riders safe and comfortable with a big boost from motor assist so you can pedal with ease while feeling like royalty on the road. With Vvolt in the batter's box, the Pickles are all set to hit a home run for sustainable transportation.

Vvolt ebike libary with the Portland Pickles

Bike to the Pickles night!

What’s more, you can mark your calendars because we're taking the bicycle fever to the next level with Dillon’s Big Adventure / Bike to the Pickles game night on July 29th! Dust off those handlebars, put on your Pickles gear, and pedal your way to Walker Stadium where Vvolt staff will be ready with high-fives, ebike demos and more. This night is all about celebrating the perfect union of America's favorite pastime and best mode of transportation. So, grab your two-wheeled steed and join us for a night of baseball, bikes, and Big Adventure fun ft. LARGE MARGE. (if you know, you know!) It's going to be a wheelie good time - full details on the Pedalpalooza calendar.

So oil your mitts and don your helmets, Portland! The Portland Pickles and Vvolt are going to make your hearts race and your wheels spin all summer long. This partnership is a match made in bike and baseball heaven, bringing together the very best of Portland's love for the game and our commitment to a greener future.