Upcoming Events

Find details around upcoming events and showcases where we will be attending.

Electrify Expo 2024

We are excited to have been a consistent feature at Electrify Expo. Find us at North America's largest electric vehicle festival closest to you!

Upcoming Local Events

As advocates for safer streets and a greener future, we actively take part in local events all over our neighborhood. Find us in a town near you and test ride a Vvolt!

Eugene Ebike Expo

If you would like to experience riding an e-bike, the E-Bike Expo is the perfect chance. You will have the opportunity to meet local e-bike shop owners, test ride e-bikes, talk with Eugenians using an e-bike to commute or haul their kids to school, learn the rules of the road, and so much more.

June 15th 2024 | Campbell Community Center @ 11AM - 3PM.

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ReRack Pop-Up

ReRack PDX is hosting a pop-up event in Portland, OR on the 27th of June. Drop by to check out ReRack's line of high-quality car racks and test ride some Vvolt ebikes!

June 27th 2024 | 2240 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland @ 4PM - 7PM.