Beyond Electric Vehicles


We’ve founded Vvolt to solve problems, not perpetuate them

Our most important ideals may take time to achieve, but they remain goals that inspire and drive us everyday.

Everybody Sharing Our Streets

We recognize that the status quo does not currently enable everyone to experience micromobility safely and that marginalized communities are disproportionately affected by unsafe streets. We celebrate everyone who chooses micromobility solutions and defend their right to use our public spaces without coming to harm.

We design e–mobility products that help lower barriers for riders of all genders, sizes, races, ethnicities and abilities. We encourage a greater diversity of people to experience e–mobility and know that will result in a wide range of societal benefits.

The benefits of building human-scale transportation

From ebikes to scooters and beyond, Vvolt designs better electric micromobility vehicles and helps more people opt out of autos for daily transportation needs. By reducing the number of gasoline powered miles traveled, we’re working toward a future with a lower incidence of traffic violence﹘lighter vehicles traveling at lower average speeds are less likely to kill and maim their riders and other street users.

Further, cycling and ebiking create public health benefits by getting people moving and lowering emissions from gas-powered cars. Reduced auto demand allows us to dedicate more public space to better uses than parking – let’s unpave a parking lot and put up paradise!

Connecting communities

Our ability to effect change on our own is limited but connecting communities amplifies all voices. By engaging with and listening to folks using various modes of transit, we learn how to better advocate for the future of sustainable transportation and recreation.

Our initiatives are ever expanding﹘here’s a start: We befriend our elected officials, bureaucrats, and policy advocates and educate them about the benefits of e–mobility and help drive policy that creates safer streets and public spaces.

We partner with University of Oregon School of Art and Design to encourage young designers to explore electric micromobility vehicles.

We offer financial support to nonprofits that work to create safer streets for all users.

Striving toward greater sustainability

We aim to redefine urban transportation while achieving necessary sustainability goals. As an e–mobility company, we expect that our vehicles will be used to replace a significant number of gas-powered automobile miles traveled.

Our sustainability plans go well beyond the inherent benefits of switching from large internal combustion vehicles to compact electric and electric-assist options – we have to examine manufacturing practices and our supply chain as well.

Vvolt launches with a certification from Climate Neutral because it’s important for us to offset our carbon footprint with credits. We also engage with partners who will hold us to account for all of our product, packaging, and operations decisions and will always strive to improve.

When it comes to our company, we’re building sustainability wherever we can. We don’t believe in planned obsolescence - our designs are planned to be ridden for years. Our EVs should be future-proof because it’s essential to consider backwards-compatibility in order to reduce waste. Our aim is to work toward a cradle-to-cradle model, creating products and packaging that aren't just downcycled, but truly have another life.

Sharing our resources

We’re constantly learning, and we are committed to sharing our resources whenever possible. From opening up our data to transportation researchers to guiding design students on the principles of inclusivity, we’re here to help.

Start with the Vvoltmeter to find what we’ve published or reach out if you’d like to have a conversation about e–mobility, transportation, recreation, or another topic you think we should talk about!

Equitable hiring practices

Vvolt is an equal-opportunity employer and we’re striving to build a diverse workforce composed of people from various backgrounds. If you think your skills and experiences would help our teams achieve our goals, we welcome you to email us and start a conversation!

New Arrival

Alpha II

Simple, beautiful and easy to love, we designed Alpha II for anyone seeking ebike enjoyment without excessive complexity.

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Coming Soon

Centauri II

The perfect balance of comfort and speed, we make everything “just right” on the Centauri II. Comfy and sporty in equal measure, powerful but still lightweight. Responsive handling that’s still wonderfully predictable.

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Practically Perfect


Sporty on all terrains, Sirius shines on potholed pavement and graveled country roads alike. Our smooth motor-assist system is ready for the rough with handling optimized for unpaved routes while the adjustable fork tames the bumps.

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Everyday Utility

Slice Lite

With mega-adjustable fit for short, medium, and tall folks and handling that’s a joy with or without a load, Slice is an easy-to-ride utility vehicle for everyone.

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