Slice Lite

Take a slice of utility wherever your urban adventures take you.

Slice Lite


With mega-adjustable fit for short, medium, and tall folks and handling that’s a joy with or without a load, Slice is an easy-to-ride utility vehicle for everyone.

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Right sized for everyday life

Slice Lite is our vision for an electric-assist bike that’s friendly to ALL riders.
A lightweight motor and compact battery reduce weight while assisting for up to 55 miles and the Cargo Module has room for all your stuff.

Slice Lite Key Highlights

The little design choices that make this model stand out.

More sensors means smoother and more natural motor assist. Slice Lite uses the same suite of torque, cadence, and speed sensors as our premium mid-drives to deliver buttery smooth assistance.
The Slice Lite fits most riders thanks to our single-size, low-step frame. With tool-free adjustable handlebar and stem plus a wide range of seat adjustments, its easy to find a good fit.
The Vvolt Cargo Module is the world's most advanced front bicycle basket-rack hybrid system. Holds up to 40lbs of your stuff, secures odd-sized gear with the adjustable load bar and offers attachment points aplenty for cargo straps, nets, and other accessories!
Real-World Reviews

Everything at your thumbs

Slice Lite is pedal-assist, with the addition of a thumb throttle. Five electronic speeds make it easier to get where you need to go, with torque, cadence and speed sensors delivering natural feeling assist, aided by the throttle for added boost when you need it. 

360° Illumination

The Slice Lite features integrated front and rear lights, meaning greater confidence on the road, no matter the season.

One size fits all

The Slice Lite fit most riders thanks to our single-size low-step frame. With tool-free adjustable handlebar+stem and a wide range of seat adjustments it's easy to find a good fit.

Components & Specs

Every component was carefully designed to provide the most intuitive, hassle-free, and affordable electric utility vehicle. Find the full specification sheet here.

Single Gear Simplicity

The 50t front belt ring and 22t freewheel cog allows for comfortable pedaling at a zippy speed!

Class 1 or Class 2 Enabled

Equipped with an easily removable throttle, Slice Lite can be configured as Class I or 2 depending on whether or not the throttle is attached.

We programmed the throttle to provide "safe-speed" 80% power when applied. That's still 430 watts!

Integrated 360º Lighting

Our Multivision lights do more! the front light has an outer diffuse light ring to visibility surrounding a high-power LED with vertical cutoff to maximize road view for the rider, plus a USB-C power outlet. The rear light incorporates 270º visibility with clever theft-resistant cover for the seat post bolt.

500wh Removable Battery

Our 500Wh / 14Ah battery delivers up to 20 - 55 miles of real-world range on pedal assist. All of our batteries are removable and can be charged on or off the bike.

Powerful Motor

Slice Lite is equipped with a smooth 350w nominal motor which peaks at 550w in pedal assist 5!

Front Load Optimized

We didn't just stick a basket on the front and call it good! We tuned the geometry to ride great with weight in the front basket by centering the cargo low over the front wheel.

Full Color Ananda Display

The Ananda D16 provides rich colors and easy to read information.

Brake System

The Slice Lite features powerful twin-piston hydraulic disc brakes with oversized 180mm rotors.

Gates Belt Drive

Carbon reinforced belts from Gates® last longer than chains, operate quietly, and don't require greasing. No more unintentional chainring tattoos!

Cushy Tires

20x3" front and 24x3" puncture-resistant tires have a reflective sidewall and provide a plump and efficient tire profile for comfortable cruising.