Cargo Module

The Cargo Module is the jam to the peanut butter of our Utility Series. (you're the bread in this analogy)
You don't have to have it, but it's going to make your ride way more enjoyable!

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  • Slice Lite
  • PIE


Backpacks, groceries, your new houseplant, and much more. Your everyday essentials need somewhere to go, so we built a spot to fit all kinds of stuff.

This is the world’s first size-adjustable bicycle cargo basket, built to securely carry the things most people take with them through their days.

  • Adjustable load-rail
  • Fits all kinds of stuff- backpacks, grocery bags, even odd-sized things like skateboards, yoga mats and potted plants!
  • Ample tie-down points for load straps and bungee cords
  • Integrated light mount

Sizing Details

Height - 9"
Width - 14.5"
Depth - 11.25"

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