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Reservations are Open for Vvolt Electric Bikes!

Reservations are Open for Vvolt Electric Bikes!

We’re excited to announce that Vvolt is now taking reservations for our first batch of electric bikes, currently in production with our partner factory in Taiwan. We anticipate that our first batch of bikes will be in transit across the Pacific soon.

It’s been a long journey to this moment for us. Nearly a year’s worth of revisions and iterations accompanied careful analysis of each component to make sure we deliver on the promises that our bikes will be easy to ride, simple to maintain, and built to last. As a company composed of novices and seasoned riders alike, we’ve all been very happy with the feel of our pre-production test bikes, and we eagerly anticipate the smiles our electric bikes will bring to faces across the nation.

It’s taken plenty of work to secure parts, factory time and organize logistics while the world is still in the grips of a pandemic that has thrown supply chains into turmoil. We’re not immune to the pressures making bikes scarce right now, and we anticipate that our supplies of new bikes will be limited through the end of 2021 at least. With this in mind, we’ve opened reservations so people who are interested in getting a new electric bike this year can secure their spot in line for a Vvolt.

Your $300 deposit will guarantee you a bike from the first batches of our models. We expect that we’ll begin shipping bikes to our customers in late September, and finishing deliveries of this first round of reservations by late October.

Once you place your deposit, you can expect regular updates from us on the shipping status of your bike. When it comes time to ship your bike, we’ll send you an invoice for the remainder of your bike’s price (along with any accessories you choose.) We’re working with Klarna to provide you with payment options starting at 0% interest, split into either 4 payments or 18/24 monthly installments. Or you may choose to pay in full – whatever works best for your finances.

At the same time, you can choose how you’d like to have your new Vvolt delivered. We’ve worked hard to design our packaging to make for the best unboxing experience around.

We’ll soon have more to show, but rest assured that almost everyone will be comfy removing the 97% assembled bike from the box and installing the front wheel and pedals prior to riding.

With this in mind, we’ve made free ground shipping from FedEx our default option, but you may also select to have your bike unboxed by a pro mechanic at a local shop. This $100 option is facilitated by Beeline Connect, who maintains a nationwide network of more than 600 partner bike shops who are already familiar with Vvolt and will be able to facilitate your new bike day without you having to fuss with any packaging.

No matter how you opt to pay or take delivery, you can expect that we’ll continue to be upfront with our communications. We don’t foresee any additional delays, but COVID and global supply chain logistics are powerful pressures. Whatever the next few months hold for us as we move closer to making #newbikeday happen for hundreds of new Vvolt riders, we’ll let you know.

Thanks for choosing to ride along with us!

– The Vvolt Team

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