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Ebike incentives and rebates help make transportation more affordable

Ebike incentives and rebates help make transportation more affordable

Find out if you qualify for an ebike rebate 

With ebikes exploding in popularity, cities, counties, power districts and other public organizations are implementing rebate programs offering rebates ranging from $100 to more than $1000. 

This comes as local governments are increasingly recognizing the power of ebikes to reduce traffic congestion, decrease air pollution and provide other downstream health benefits for riders and their communities. 

There are dozens of active programs across the nation, and the ebike research experts at PSU’s Transportation Research and Education Center have built a nifty tracker that shows active and pending projects from across North America. 

Use the table below to find out what kind of incentive program you might qualify for, and see if you could get assistance to purchase a Vvolt ebike:

*Updated 5/11/22. This policy scan was developed by Cameron Bennett and John MacArthur from the Transportation Research and Education Center (TREC) at Portland State University.

Don’t see your city or state on the list? We recommend contacting your local council member or state representative and encouraging them to look at some of the benefits. Many of these programs use funding from clean-fuels and air quality incentive programs already in place, and even if new funding mechanisms are required this is one of the least expensive ways to encourage people to ride more and drive less. 

Also note the table lists the proposed federal program introduced in 2021 as the EBIKE Act. While it may be stuck in Congress at the moment, we encourage you to take action with this People for Bikes form which encourages your US representative to support the bill!

Interested in learning more about incentivization? Here’s some further reading to share with your local policymakers as you join us in advocating for more ebike incentives:

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