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Top Ten Electric Bike Technologies

Top Ten Electric Bike Technologies

At Vvolt E-Mobility, we’re committed to building easy to ride electric vehicles that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. We’ve been riding and researching various systems for years. So when it came time to create our first product line, we knew just which choices to make to craft easy-riding electric bikes that deliver reliable electric assistance while requiring little maintenance.

Vvolt electric bikes provide a comfortable fit for people of all sizes

10. More Comfortable Bikes

It used to be that you needed to hunch over to go fast. Now electric-assist systems have freed us from racing-style bikes because we can use electricity to help move at decent speeds! With the power of electric-assist technology, we’ve positioned our riders in a more upright position, which is generally more comfortable while allowing for better visibility.

Compact electric batteries provide power to Vvolt pedal assist bikes

9. Right-Size Power-Assist Systems

It’s important to have enough power on tap to keep pace with traffic. But high-capacity batteries and XL motors make for bikes so heavy they’re hard to get up a few steps. The best single-rider electric bicycles come in under 50lbs. This makes them more manageable while still offering ample range and power. 

Vvolt Alpha S Class 1 electric bike

8. Class 1 Rated Systems

Want to ride on bike paths and park trails with an electric bike? In many places across the USA this means you need to be on a Class 1 bike. This rating might be the “lowest-speed” in the 3-Class system, but keep in mind that you're still riding faster than you would without the pedal-assist power.

Enviolo CVP Hub on Vvolt Sirius ebike

7. Internal Gear Hubs & CVT Transmissions

We selected internally geared hubs to take advantage of fully-sealed gearing. This robust gearing style is closer to the transmission of your car than the external gears on most bikes.

Traditional bike gear systems are finicky and damage-prone. Superlight derailleurs and  20+ gears might be nice for the Tour de France, but they’re astonishingly fragile. Simply knocking your bike over can knock your whole system out of alignment, requiring a trip to the bike mechanic to straighten things out. What’s more, most systems rely on perfectly clean and finely adjusted shifter cables to shift properly. Expensive electronic shift systems exist, but the derailleurs are still big Achilles Heels dangling off the back of your bike. Our sealed hub systems are maintenance free for tens of thousands of miles. Plus, the stepless Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) shifting we use doesn’t rely on fiddly, micro-adjusted cable tension to work properly.

Carbon Drive Belt on Vvolt eBike

6. Belt Drive Systems

High quality belts have been around for 20 years. They never caught on with sporty cyclists, because they pair best with gear hubs that are too heavy for racers. Luckily electric assistive technology has totally changed the game for belts and gear hubs.

Vvolt Proxima Class 3 electric bike

5. Class 3 Rated Systems

Spend more time riding in bike lanes or streets where you share the lane with cars? You may want a Class 3 system. Our "Warp Core Upgrade" (coming soon!) will upgrade to our mid-motor bikes for a top assisted speed of 28mph, making it easy to keep pace with cars in downtown gridlock and on neighborhood streets.

MPS / Acer mid drive electric bike motor on Vvolt Proxima

4. Mid-Drive Motors

We like everything about mid-motor drive systems, which is why we offer them on our premium eBike models. Compared to hub motors, they offer natural feeling, the best weight distribution, and higher torque ratings. The additional torque is noticeable when starting, riding steep hills or carrying heavy loads. Even when the overall power rating is lower than some high-power hub motors, riders often praise mid-drive motors for their strong feeling of assistance– this is due to the added torque.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes on Vvolt Alpha ebike

3. Hydraulic Disc Brakes

If you like powerful braking with low maintenance, the best solution is hydraulic disc brakes. These fluid-based systems have more power than mechanical, or cable discs, and massively outperform traditional rim brakes. Adding to their appeal is the fact that they self-adjust as pads wear, making for consistent braking with very little maintenance. Replace your pads when they wear, and take them to the mechanic for a system flush when you replace your belt. You’ll be stopping confidently for years to come!

Fast Rolling Ebike Tire on Vvolt Alpha

2. Fast-Rolling Tires 

Xtra-wide fat tires are fun, but hard to pedal. Guess what that means when combined with a motor? Battery-draining fun. :( 

Instead of slow-rolling fat 3.5”+ tires that reduce your battery-assist range, we specify smaller tires with smoother tread patterns to maximize your efficiency and extend your range. The tires on our bikes are fast, but still wide enough to provide ample traction and cushion. 

Climbing Trail on ebike

1. Your Own Power

At Vvolt, we believe that electric bicycles should rely on pedaling to activate the motors. The union of electric power with human power works best when both are working together to enable you to ride further and faster than with muscles or motors alone.

With pedal-assist systems, putting in more effort rewards you with longer range and/or an enhanced workout. You still see the benefits of traditional cycling along with the enhanced speed and distances made possible by motor assistance. Truly the best of both worlds!

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