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Can You Ride An Ebike Without Pedaling?

Can You Ride An Ebike Without Pedaling?

Yes, you can ride an electric bike without pedaling, but this capability depends on the type of ebike you have. Electric bikes can come with different modes of operation, such as Pedal Assist (PAS) and Throttle On Demand (TOD). While PAS requires at least some pedaling effort from the rider to provide assistance, TOD allows riders to accelerate and maintain speed without pedaling at all, using a hand-activated throttle control. However, not all ebikes are equipped with a throttle, and those that are just pedal-assist would not offer the capability to ride without pedaling.

In the U.S., ebikes are classified into three main classes:

Class 1 ebikes work only when the rider is pedaling with a maximum speed of 20 MPH;

Class 2 ebikes feature a throttle, allowing the rider not to pedal if they choose, with the same maximum speed; and

Class 3 ebikes, which also require pedaling, have a higher maximum speed of 28 MPH but must be equipped with a speedometer.

The ability to ride without pedaling depends on whether the ebike comes with a throttle feature. Some ebikes offer the option to use full-throttle, which means you don't have to pedal at all. These types of ebikes should be capped at a top speed of 20mph, according to regulations for electric bikes on the road. However, if the ebike is pedal-assist only, then pedaling is necessary to engage the motor.

Here are the classes and setups of all Vvolt ebikes (including discontinued models):
Class 1 - Alpha and Alpha S (1.0), Centauri, Sirius and Proxima with the gray-button handlebar controller installed.

Class 2 - Alpha II and Slice Lite (removing the thumb throttle reverts them to Class 1)

Class 3 - Centauri II. Also Centauri (1.0), Sirius and Proxima with the red-button handlebar controller installed.

*Note that Class 2 Vvolt ebikes are not designed to be ridden solely on throttle mode for long periods of time or to attain max acceleration. Our "safe-speed" throttle is limited to 80% of the motor output.

When considering an ebike with throttle capability, it's important to consider the legal regulations in your area, as some places may have restrictions on using throttle-controlled ebikes. Additionally, while riding an ebike without pedaling can be convenient and less tiring, especially for climbing hills, it may also lead to a reduced battery range compared to riding with pedal assistance.

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