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Hop on, pedal, and go! Use the 5 levels of assist and powerful brakes without worrying about changing gears or twisting throttles – Alpha S is comfy, minimalist, and joyful.

Starting at only $999

  • range

    15-40 mi

  • power

    350 W

  • speed

    20 mph

  • weight

    44 lbs

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the stuff you probably want to know

Alpha S Key Highlights

Hop on with ease

Getting on and off your bike has never been easier! A lower top tube makes stepping onto your bike simple and safe.

Simplicity exemplified

With one speed and no shifting system, controlling your Alpha is as easy as selecting your level of motor assistance to adjust how hard you have to pedal. The perfect bike for relatively flat commutes and casual cruising.

Quiet, hassle-free belt

No messy clunky chains here: get ready for a whisper quiet ride. The drive belt lasts 2-4 times as long as chains and provides consistent power, unlike traditional bike chains that lose efficiency as they get dirty and worn. Moreover, wear your white pants after labor day and avoid grease marks!

reviewers love Alpha S:

Finally, An E-Bike That Looks Cool

The VVolt Alpha S is the perfect bike for someone who wants a simple, no-frills commuter bike with the extra assistance a motor can offer. Want to get to work a little faster or less sweaty but still in style? This is a great e-bike for you.

-Femme Cyclist

An affordable ebike with premium features rarely seen on bikes in this price range

The Alpha S features a quiet, smooth, efficient, and maintenance-free ride


find your perfect fit

One of the benefits of an ebike is that you don’t need to focus on getting the exact-right size to maximize pedaling efficiency - the motor is plenty efficient for you!

  • Stellar Series models come in two sizes that should comfortably fit most people. You'll still want to choose the one that’s best for you!
  • Utility Family models all have a lower stepover and fit most riders between 4'9" and 6'4"

We recommend you compare your inseam measurement, taken wearing shoes you are likely to ride in, to the stand-over height of our various models. As long as you've got around 1" of clearance over the top tube you'll likely be good to go! If you're on the cusp between sizes we generally recommend sizing up. Don't hesitate to reach out if you've got any sizing questions!

still need more info?

Find the full geometry for Alpha S here or contact us.

Components & Specs


Lightweight aluminum alloy frame and fork

Rear hub motor

Our rear hub motor gives you 350 watts of power and 45 Nm of torque

Hub motor battery

375 Wh standard battery provides 15-40 miles of range depending on terrain, assist level, and other factors. All of our batteries are removable and can be charged on or off the bike.

Class 1 controller

Our Class 1 controller is programmed to provide motor assistance up to 20 mph.

Hub motor display

Our handlebar display has 6 levels of assist plus walk mode, a backlight and USB power-out. In assist mode 0 your Vvolt can be ridden without motor power, just like an analog bike. In assist mode 5, you're getting maximum power. Hold on tight!

Gates belt

Carbon reinforced belts from Gates® last longer than chains, operate quietly, and don't require grease -- no more unintentional chainring tattoos!


Hydraulic brakes paired with 160mm rotors provide ample stopping power

Alpha tires

27.5'' x 1.95'' tires with slightly raised tread to roll smoothly on pavement and handle some light offroad riding

For Real Support

Arguably the best component: our team is here to answer even your most technical question. Get nerdy with us. 🤓


What if I want a larger battery on my Alpha?

Ah, so sorry :^( Our Alpha and Alpha S models are only available with a 375wh (10.4ah) battery at this time.

Does this ebike come equipped with a throttle?

No, none of our first generation bikes are equipped with a throttle. We decided to forego using throttles on our bikes due to range concerns: our 375wh / 10.4 amp hour batteries work great for assisting pedaling effort though do not have enough capacity to support throttle use.

We plan on offering a throttle on future models with larger batteries and different riding use cases (cargo & utility bikes).

What's the difference between hub motor and mid motor bikes?

The primary difference between the two motor systems is how and when each motor system provides assistance.

Our hub motor bikes (Alpha and Alpha S) use a wired bottom bracket with a cadence sensor. When you begin pedaling, the controller senses the pedals rotating and provides assistance based on the level selected by your handlebar display. This system is simple, tried, and true, though it can sometimes feel a little like you're being pushed from behind.

Our mid-drive bikes (Centauri, Proxima, Sirius) also use a torque sensor to engage the motor. This system is a bit more complex: both torque and cadence sensors work to measure your input and provide natural-feeling assistance. The harder you pedal, the more assistance will be provided by the motor! Our mid-drive motors have twice the torque and a higher wattage than our hub motor bikes.

Hub motors are great for riders on a budget or those looking to ride with less strenuous effort. Mid-drive motors are great for riders looking for a natural pedal feel that more closely matches an acoustic (non-e)bike.

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Alpha S

Alpha S

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Our technicians take time to fully inspect and tune each bike before they leave our warehouse. Current ship time is 1 to 2 weeks from placing your order.

Pictured accessories are for illustration. Fenders, racks, locks etc are available on our accessories page. 


You want an ebike that’s comfy, simple, and durable so you can ride more and worry less. Leave the overpowered motors and heavy batteries behind and select Alpha, the ebike that gives you the assistance you want without excess complexity. Five levels of power are provided by the lightweight battery and rear hub drive, assisted by pedaling the one-gear drive system.
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