Colorado ebike rebate

If you're a Colorado resident you can apply for an ebike rebate voucher from the Colorado Energy Office. Vvolt is a participating "phone order" retailer and we'll ship your bike for free.

How to redeem your eBike rebate voucher

1: Obtain your voucher from the Colorado Energy Office

2: Decide which Vvolt to purchase! All our ebikes qualify for Colorado voucher use.

3: Redeem your voucher and place your order by calling us at 866-886-5836 (M-Th 9am-4pm, Friday 9-2 Pacific) or email us at

You will need to provide your voucher number, approved amount and a form of ID to place your order. 

All Vvolt ebikes carry our industry-leading 3-year warranty and are built with high-quality, low-maintenance components. Our ebikes are designed to be maintained by the average bike shop, and our partner shops in Colorado who can complete more complex warranty services.
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