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Introducing the Vvolt Centauri and Centauri S: Fast, Comfy and Versatile

Introducing the Vvolt Centauri and Centauri S: Fast, Comfy and Versatile

We've expanded the Stellar Series of ebikes with the Centauri and Centauri S, pairing the power and versatility of our ultra-durable mid-drive system with the fan-favorite geometry and handling of the Alpha and Alpha S models. 

The result is a pair of “Goldilocks” ebikes…balanced in all the right ways, darn-near perfect for urban commuters and rewarding for weekend fitness riders. The powerful mid-drive motor adds up to 550w of power and 80Nm of torque to rider leg power, silently routed via Gates drive belt to the internal rear transmission. (This is 3-4x the power of the average casual rider over an hour.) With 380% gear range and constant engagement the Enviolo rear hub delivers the gearing to tackle hills while never missing a shift. The suite of onboard torque, cadence and speed sensors enable the assist system to adapt to rider input, delivering seamless and smooth power. 

Built to be customized, the Centauri has mounts for front and rear racks, fenders and up to 3 water bottles for long rides in hot weather *2 bottles on Centauri S. The custom lightweight rigid fork fits tires up to 2.1” wide for riders looking to hit a little more gravel on their routes. 

Comfy and campable on any road surface, the Centauri is most at home in the city. The integrated 10.4Ah / 375wh battery is removable, the wheels and seatpost all bolt on and the overall look is low-key so it won’t stand out in the average urban bike rack. There’s an included kickstand and rechargeable lights, and all graphics are highly-reflective to aid rider visibility. 

Centauri & Centauri S

S is for Stepthough…but it’s more than that. Our stepthough frames have a different fit than the step-over counterparts. The S/M Stepthough fits riders looking for lower standover and a more relaxed position, with a taller bar height offering a more upright seating postion. The L/XL Stepthrough has a similarly low step-over height, good for riders with reduced hip mobility, while the seat tube height is extended by 4cm to offer a great fit for riders with long legs. All in all, the four sizes of Centauri and Centauri S can fit riders from 4’9” to 6’4”.


Vvolt is focused on making it easy for people to choose to ride more and drive less. This is reflected in the choice of components on Centauri ebikes. 

  • Mid-drive motors are more efficient than hub-drive motors, making for longer motor life. 
  • Gates CDX belt drives last 2-3x longer than chains and never need lubrication. 
  • Enviolo’s CVP hubs and shifters are fully sealed and need little-to-no maintenance. 
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes self-adjust for pad wear, making for more reliable stopping, with Vvolt’s mineral-oil systems lasting longer between services than brakes running toxic DOT fluid. 

Make it faster, take it farther

In standard “Class 1” configuration, the Centauri is legal to ride anywhere ebikes are allowed. The motor assists only when pedaling, up to 20mph. 

Riders looking for a little more speed can select the optional “Warp Core Upgrade” and boost top assisted speed to 28mph “Class 3.” This is still pedal-assist only, the alternate handlebar controller simply ups the top speed at which the motor helps power the ride.

*We recommend that you familiarize yourself with your local regulations, as Class 3 ebikes are subject to additional restriction in many areas.

Ships for free, assembles in minutes

All Vvolt Stellar Series ebikes ship for free within the continental US. They arrive 97% assembled. Riders can fit the pedals and front wheel in minutes, then the bike is ready to ride.

Centauri is available now, and Centauri S will be available for pre-orders in November with anticipated delivery in December 2022. 


Class 1 / 10.4ah pack

18-45 miles

Class 3 / 10.4ah pack

12-45 miles

Vvolt Centauri ebike with fenders
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