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We hand-delivered our very first customer’s new ebike!

We hand-delivered our very first customer’s new ebike!

It was totally gratifying for us to have ebike reservations start coming in within hours of launching the Vvolt brand in June ‘21. Soon the date for our first deliveries moved from mid-summer to late fall, but luckily this gave us time to chat with many of our reservation customers as they eagerly awaited the arrival of their new ebikes. 

We were inspired by the stories we heard, and excited to get Vvolt ebikes out into the streets under newly energized riders. So when news of our first shipment came in October, we decided to make new bike day into an extra-memorable event for our very first customer. 

Vvolt Alpha S electric bike

Eleanor owns Embellish salon in downtown Tacoma Washington, where her commute is only a few miles...but the ride home begins with a big hill right around the block from work. 

She was a frequent bike commuter, but started looking for an ebike in order to make it easier to bike commute every day. She and her partner began searching for ebikes but found most entry-level options uninspiring with their tangles of wires and protuberant batteries. Premium ebikes were appealing, but hard to justify. So when they saw the Vvolt Alpha in Bike Portland’s story covering our launch in June they said to one another “that’s the one” and placed their reservation– our very first order! 

After a few months’ wait, Eleanor’s Alpha S arrived in Portland, where we fitted it with the set of PDW fenders they’d ordered. Kyle loaded it up for the drive north to Tacoma, with a couple of us tagging along for the ride.

We met up at her salon and popped inside to give her a run-through on how to use and charge her new ride, then popped a celebratory bottle of champagne to toast the event. After a quick photo session, it was time for us to head back to the office while Eleanor left for her first spin.

woman with Vvolt electric bike

"It looks even better in person" - Eleanor C.

It was great to see the new bike day smiles in person, and learn about how she plans to ride more and drive less with her new Vvolt. While we can’t deliver everyone’s bike in person, we do love to hear your stories. Drop us an email if you’d like to say how you found Vvolt, what you find interesting about our ebikes...and if you’re already riding yours; please send us a review!

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