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Abus Bordo 6000 Folding Lock

The most flexible lock around. The Bordo folding lock is versatile and convenient - with a mount that fits on any of our frames. The long, folding bars easily fit around frames and wheels, making locking in tight situations a cinch. Need to lock up your friend’s bike? No problem with the Bordo.


Built With Security in Mind

Offers solid protection with a security rating of 10 out of 15

Enhanced Strength and Durability

The Bordo features bars that are linked with special rivets for enhanced strength and a body made of specially hardened steel

Mitigate Cosmetic Damage

The 5mm bars are fitted with an extra-soft, two-component casing to prevent damage to paint

Tamper-resistant Technology

The ABUS Plus cylinder offers a high level of protection against tampering or picking

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