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Fun, reliable and massively capable, PIE is what your minivan wants to be when it grows up

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the stuff you probably want to know


One size to rule them all

Utility models fit most riders with a single-size low-step frame with tool-free adjustable handlebar+stem, plus a wide range of seat adjustments


The Vvolt Cargo Module is the world's most advanced front bicycle basket-rack hybrid system. Holds up to 40lbs of your stuff, secures odd-sized gear with the adjustable load bar and offers attachment points aplenty for cargo straps, nets and other accessories!

Quiet, hassle-free belt

No messy clunky chains here: get ready for a whisper quiet ride. The drive belt lasts 2-4 times as long as chains and provides consistent power, unlike traditional bike chains that lose efficiency as they get dirty and worn. Moreover, wear your white pants after labor day and avoid grease marks!

reviewers love PIE RESERVATION:

find your perfect fit

One of the benefits of an ebike is that you don’t need to focus on getting the exact-right size to maximize pedaling efficiency - the motor is plenty efficient for you!

  • Stellar Series models come in two sizes that should comfortably fit most people. You'll still want to choose the one that’s best for you!
  • Utility Family models all have a lower stepover and fit most riders between 4'9" and 6'4"

We recommend you compare your inseam measurement, taken wearing shoes you are likely to ride in, to the stand-over height of our various models. As long as you've got around 1" of clearance over the top tube you'll likely be good to go! If you're on the cusp between sizes we generally recommend sizing up. Don't hesitate to reach out if you've got any sizing questions!

still need more info?

Find the full geometry for PIE RESERVATION here or contact us.

Components & Specs

Cargo front, rear and center

PIE is built to haul. The rear rack frame accepts passenger seating, side panniers; and more with the optional accessory mount frames. The central "Go Box" fits everyday carry items. Out front you'll find compatibility with our amazing Cargo Module rack/basket system.

Integrated lighting

Our Multivision lights do more! The front light has an outer diffuse light ring for visibility surrounding a high-power LED with vertical cutoff to maximize road view for the rider, plus a USB-C power outlet. The rear light incorporates 270º visibility with a clever theft-resistant cover for the seat post bolt.

Gates belt

Carbon reinforced belts from Gates® last longer than chains, operate quietly, and don't require grease -- no more unintentional chainring tattoos!


Hydraulic brakes paired with 160mm rotors provide ample stopping power

Mid motor display

Our mid motor handlebar display has 6 levels of assist plus walk mode, a backlight and USB power-out. In assist mode 0 your Vvolt can be ridden without motor power, just like an analog bike. In assist mode 5, you're getting maximum power. Full speed ahead!

Track trip distance, total mileage, and view the motor watt usage.

Dual-battery compatible

PIE will come stock with a single 500wh+ battery, with an optional second battery to deliver more than 1000wh of total capacity.
All reservation orders will get the option to buy a dual-battery PIE at $4499

For Real Support

Arguably the best component: our team is here to answer even your most technical question. Get nerdy with us. 🤓


What's the weight limit on PIE?

You can confidently carry up to 440 lbs (200 kg) of total rider and cargo weight with PIE. We encourage you to start small and work your way up if you've never ridden with passengers or heavy loads.

How many passengers can I take with PIE?

PIE is built to tote 440 lbs to total weight. This might be 1 adult and 2 young kids, 2 adults, or 1 adult, a tween and a lapdog; as long as you're under 440lbs you're OK.

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Our technicians take time to fully inspect and tune each bike before they leave our warehouse. Current ship time is 1 to 2 weeks from placing your order.

PIE will begin shipping in 2024! 

  • Your $200 reservation secures your dual-battery PIE at the exclusive early-supporter price of $4499.
  • This payment will be applied to your invoice when we're ready to ship. 
  • Your deposit is fully refundable at any time!
  • We'll keep you updated on details as they develop, it's our goal to deliver the best value and lowest cost of ownership in a mid-drive longtail e-cargo bike!

The core list of features:

  • One-size-fits-most frame
  • 440 lbs total rider+cargo weight limit
  • 500w mid-drive motor 
  • Dual batteries with 1000wh+ capacity* (single-battery version available)
  • Smart System with GPS+4G LTE connected theft protection and alarm
  • Silent Gates Carbon Drive Belt
  • Enviolo stepless CVP rear hub transmission
  • Integrated front, rear and side lighting
  • Compatible with Vvolt front Cargo Module 
  • Supports 2x standard rear child seats, rear rack accepts standard panniers
  • Optional rear gear panels 
  • Integrated rear cargo box for smaller stuff
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