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PDW 700c Full Metal Fenders for Proxima

Note - the stock tires on the Proxima will not fit under these fenders! We recommend purchasing these Continental Contact tires along with the PDW fenders

Not only are these some of the best-looking and functioning fenders on the market, but PDW resides just down the street in Portland! We know a bit about riding in the rain here in NW Oregon. Keep your clothes and bike free from road spray and look darn good doing it with PDW’s Full Metal Fender. The all-aluminum construction ensures durability and the fenders ship with all necessary hardware for easy installation on your Proxima. Find installation instructions here if you’re feeling handy and want to try it yourself - expect an hour or so of work! Your local bike shop will definitely be happy to install the fenders if you’d rather have them do the task. 


Full Coverage

At 45mm wide the fender fits tires up to 35mm and has enough length to keep road spray to a minimum


Long lasting, all aluminum construction


Quick release tabs ensure your wheels keep turning even if debris gets lodged between the fender and tire

Easy Install

Here’s a link to installation instructions from PDW

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