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Bivo One Raw Stainless Water Bottle

We think we found a near perfect water bottle with the Bivo. The stainless steel construction is incredibly durable and leaves no odd taste in your water and the shape of the bottle is snug in standard water bottle cages. Most importantly, the brilliant design of the flow system allows water to easily flow into your mouth without any squeezing, sucking, or lid removal!


Beautiful and Durable

Brushed stainless-steel finish with food-grade silicone components

Drink Easy

Patent pending, high-flow sport nozzle makes it easy to sip while on the bike - no squeezing or sucking required!

No Off Flavors

Between the stainless steel and the BPA-free polypropylene lid your water always tastes fresh

Hydrate well

21 ounces of capacity keeps you watered / 157g dry weight and 8.38" tall

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