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If you're aiming to extend the range or charge less frequently, our 500Wh battery upgrade is for you. This high-capacity battery fits in the same space in your Sirius, Centauri or Proxima frame so it’s as simple as taking out the stock battery and replacing it with the new 500Wh option.


More Juice, More Fun

Our 500Wh / 14Ah battery provides up to 55 miles of range*

*based on a 160lb rider using assist levels 1-2 on level ground in 75º weather. Your mileage may vary
Swap In, Swap Out

Just like your stock battery, it's easy to remove for charging or to make the bike lighter when lifting it.

No-fuss Handling

Weighing in at less than 6lbs, our battery pack allows for ease of carrying around when not in use

Easy to Charge

Charge it on the bike using your on-frame charge port, or remove it from the bike and charge with the on-battery charge port.

Compatible With

  • Centauri
  • Sirius
  • Centauri S

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