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Abus 410 U-Lock - 9"

A simple lock to keep your bike safe. U-locks are classic shapes when it comes to bicycle security. They can be made with incredibly strong materials and have no moving parts outside of the locking mechanism, making for a simple and secure lock. The Abus 410 u-lock provides enough protection for quick trips to the store and more with 12mm hardened steel shackles and a locking cylinder that protects against tampering.


Built With Security in Mind

Features a security rating of 8 out of 15

Extremely Durable

The shackle, body, and other structural parts of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel

Easy to Use

The modern design of the lock body casing allows for optimum handling

Tamper-resistant Technology

The Abus 410 features a high-quality locking cylinder for a high level of protection against tampering

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