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Our costs are rising, but we're still giving you opportunity to save on a Vvolt

Our costs are rising, but we're still giving you opportunity to save on a Vvolt

Rising import duties have forced us to raise the price of Alpha II.

We had to raise the price of Alpha II to $1799 on 6/22. We're working to minimize the increase on upcoming models. We will soon be launching discount presale opportunities for the next edition of Centauri, followed by the next generation of Sirius later this summer. Sign up to our email list to be notified when presales are available for our new mid-drives.

It's our sincere belief that ebikes should remain as affordable as possible. That said, we'd like to call you attention to some of the embedded cost savings when you choose to purchase from us:

  • All our ebikes are built to reduce maintenance- when you ride Vvolt you'll never buy chain lube, have to pay for a derailleur adjustment or hunt for a bike shop with your brake pads in stock. 
  • We tune every bike before shipping so yours arrives fully ready to ride; unlike other "mostly assembled" consumer-direct ebikes that force you to become a mechanic and/or pay for a tune-up on your brand new bike.
  • Save on gas, insurance and auto expenses! (This isn't specific to us, but the savings in switching to ebike transportation are real!)
  • Our exceptional customer service- we'll help you via email or phone at any step of your journey. From choosing the right bike to unboxing to warranty support our helpful humans are here for you.

Thanks again, from all of us here at Vvolt.

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